Look, A Handy Dandy Search Button.

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Look, A Handy Dandy Search Button.

Post  Chosen 0ne on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:22 am

So that we dont get multiple topics, thereis a search button at the top left screen. Im almost 100% sure none of you used this yet. Anyways, when you create multiple topics, it makes things seem, well, it doesnt make the forums that big, meaning, if we posted the same topic 20 times, it woulden't make much of a diffrence to the overall forums. Plus people after a while would soon get bored. So please use the search button.

Edit: Requesting Golbal Announcment.

-Chosen 0ne


Chuck Norris approves.

The Chosen 0ne Falls Again, Yet Again To The Power Of A LvL 31 With Varium Is Unmatched.

And Yet, I have No More Varium, That Said, The Robots Drain Your Varium Levels.
Chosen 0ne
Chosen 0ne

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