How to be a Moderater...

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How to be a Moderater...

Post  Chosen 0ne on Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:09 am

First off, if you're going to post, post like an actual civilized being. Don't act like a rampaging tyrant or you will be reported the "proper" authorities.

I'm not going to flame anyone, but I'm going to say some things.

1.Asking to be a moderator is one of the stupidest things you could ever do.
Asking to be a moderator technically scratches you out of the picture. Its technically considered begging. So please do not do this, and you won't have the whole forum mocking you.

P.S. The admins use a "we come to you policy" meaning, they ask you to be a moderator, not you ask them if you can be.

2.Back-Seat Moderating
This term describes someone trying to act like a moderator, but isn't one. Usually if you back-seat moderate, you get warned for doing it. You will be told moderating is for the moderators and not you. So if you see some lunatic flaming another person don't go, "HEY YOU, STOP FLAMING OR YOU'LL GET BANNED." Just go to another thread and let the moderators handle it. They honestly don't need help, they know how to handle the situation.

3. So if I can act or ask to be a moderator what should I do to become one?
Its simple. Be helpful(don't overdo it or people will find you annoying), be fun, cool etc.. Just be yourself. Admins would prefer their moderators not to cuss, or anything that would give the forums a bad reputation. You must remember that there are children who come on here(12 and under). So basically have fun, the admins would rather you just be fun and not obsess over the position.

4. Moderators are so popular though!!!
Moderators are popular, but they're human beings too. Becoming a moderator is a great responsibility. Its not all flowers and sunshine. Moderators take time out of their day to deal with the social problems of the forums and game. Sometimes there will be extremely stressful days where one member just won't shut up. So when you beg or act like a moderator, its makes their day more stressful, and they don't need that.

5. So what, we shouldn't talk to moderators?
I'm not trying to say that at all. Moderators do like to talk to other players, they like to interact with the other players. I however am trying to point out, that they have real lives like you. They have good and days and bad days like you. When you just be yourself, and try to be on your best behavior by following the rules it helps the moderators get through another day.

6. You sound like you've gone through some of this before.
This is in no way me trying to brag. I'm an extremely humble person if you get to know me. I have administrated 2 forums, and moderated 2 forums. All of them are different, pertaining to different interests in gaming. I will tell you its not easy. Sometimes you don't have disagreements with members, but you have disagreements with other staff. Its a common occasion where one staff member will disagree with another. I one case I observed where a huge disagreement with staff in a game forum split the whole staff on two sides. One side left while the other stayed. The forum still however remains alive to this day, and is going to expand within a year to another forum.

7. So what what this thread for, showing you can be a moderator, or implying to recruit you?
No, and a thousand times no. Though I like having responsibility, I would never in this case have the requirements to even be a moderator here(considering my recent entanglements). This thread was to help the ones who don't really understand the choosing process.

I hoped this helped in some way. Please remember to keep all comments civil, and no flame wars please.

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